Anandakumar A

UI, UX Designer
Front End Developer

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My name is ANANDAKUMAR, I have 4+ Years experience on designer. Currently Working on UI/UX Designer and Developer at Calibraint Technologies Pvt Ltd. Managing overall design part and projects.

UI Designer and Developer at Calibraint Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Here i have been working design and development based on AGILE methodology.

UI/UX Designer and Front End Developer at Trusfi Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Here there are several product i worked as a Designer like Trusfi beta, Trusfi alpha, Thalaippu.

Research Analyst at Infrascale, Chennai. Working Under Maintaining the database & Create Lead and oppurtunity.

UI, UX Designer

One of my strength to make a beautiful design in User interaction & User experience design. I also like to do Icon Design, Mockup, Wireframe, Prototyping, Mobile UI Design.

Front End Developer

Create Front-End layouts and designs with Responsive Design. I like to make code using Html/Rails Html, Css/Scss, JavaScript, Jquery, React, Angular to make a pixel perfect design to my code.

Product Designer

Particular Product or Over all theme product design is more colorful. Create new Product designs using my favourite tools like Sketch, Principle, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Invision Studio.



Create New Website or Pages using Html, With perfect tags. I also worked several projects with rails view part using Rails html.


Css fun guy in web development industry, Create designs what i thing my mind. The feature Scss to play major port of my project development.

JS / Jquery / React / Angular

Javascript major part of web development used to make ajax, json, awesome design. Jquery added more interaction to websites. React current star of web development using DOM Concept.


Photoshop design make UI, UX Developing kit and Design complete elements to make a better user interaction design.


Illustrator using vector , svg, 3D images elements using my web development, it's give more beautiful to my design part.

Adobe XD

One of the essayist tool make awesome User interaction & User Experience, Prototyping is really easy to conway.